The Firm

The Firm

The office of Rafik El-Khoury & Partners was established in 1967. From the outset, the firm has, on the one hand been involved in the structural designs of delicate architectural projects where only the full interchange of ideas between architect and engineer could lead to the success of the venture and, on the other, its involvement in important engineering and structural designs per se has been considerable.

Structural design, road and bridge design, infrastructure design, the design of industrial installations and maritime works, preparation of tender documents, project control and supervision including cost control and project/construction management are some of the Firm's major fields of activity, enhanced by the extensive international experience of the founder and engineering staff. The Firm has also been extensively involved in structural steel and prefabricated concrete design and the preparation of fabrication and shop drawings for these industries.

The Firm has been closely involved in major projects both in Lebanon and in the Middle East, giving it a thorough knowledge of the region sustained by wide-ranging contacts throughout the Arab World, and is undertaking contracts funded by major agencies such as: World Bank, UNRWA, European Investment Bank, Japanese Bank for International Cooperation, Saudi Fund, Kuwait Fund, Islamic Development Bank and others.

To satisfy the demands of its clients, the services of the office have been extended early on to include Architectural and Electro-Mechanical Designs and Working Drawings.

Also, to keep up with market developments, the firm has entered into the field of solid waste management, in the design and supervision of wastewater treatment plants and sea outfalls, industrial equipment and power station maintenance and preparation for the privatization of the water and electricity sectors.

Even through our work overseas and in particular in the Gulf, UAE areas constituted an important part of our activities from the start, we decided to establish branch offices to be able to follow-up and undertake first hand our activities locally. The first one was established in 2006 in UAE.

The Firm has the necessary number of Engineers and Technical Staff and maintains full-time specialists in the main field of activities undertaken. For the more highly technical aspects of work, it maintains close relationships with major international consultants in the various fields of engineering.