Our Assets
Our growth relies on our Relationships

With Our Clients

Our Clients are repeat or referrals who entrust us to design and supervise their homes, their real estate investments or their strategies

With International Funding Agencies

The World Bank, UNDP, The European Union, The European Investment Bank, The German Fund for Development KfW, The Italian Fund, UNRWA, The Japanese Bank for International Cooperation, The Islamic Bank for Development, The Arab Fund or Economic and Social Development, The Saudi Fund, The Kuwait Fund and others rely on us for safe completion of their projects.

With Our Associates

Our constant relationships with International and Local Architects and Associate Firms allows us to safely grow in size and improve the quality of work.

With Our Staff

Our staff movement is minimal and limited. This is due to our commitment to staff well being and to the trust and competence we communicate to them. Selective recruitment is an added strength. At Rafik El-Khoury & Partners we offer careers, not jobs.