BEIRUT CITY SERVICES - UPGRADING PROJECT - PHASE II – Contract 1 - Summerland to Saint Georges Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon

The Project comprises the Rehabilitation of Roads and Upgrading of Underground and Surface Utilities as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of roads, streets, traffic signs, road markings, sidewalks and street furniture.
  • Procure, lay and test concrete, UPVC, concrete and GRP sewage and stormwater pipes, of various sizes and pressure ratings.
  • Construction of storm water box culvert.
  • Upgrading and construction of street lighting network.
  • Rehabilitation of medians and landscaping.
  • Rehabilitation of upgrading of potable water networks.
  • Laying of L.V and M.V electrical cables.

Services Undertaken include:

  • Review of detailed construction drawings,
  • Ensure that the Contractor protects antiquities affected by construction works,
  • Prepare, monitor and maintain Cost Estimates and Planning Schedules,
  • Progress monitoring and reporting,
  • Co-ordinate Contractor,
  • Manage claims and variations,
  • Ensure that as built details, and operation and maintenance manuals, are prepared,
  • Fulfill the role of the Engineer within the specified guidelines and administer the construction contracts,
  • Supervise the construction works,
  • Supervise rectification of defects during defects liability periods,
  • Certify final completion of the contract,
  • Ensure the submittal of as-built drawings in GIS format