The project consists of the construction and completion of Beirut Southern Suburbs – Infrastructure Rehabilitation - HAY ASSOLOM (Lot IV-3). The works include:

  • The construction of ~ 12 km of roads including paving, curbs and sidewalks  installation, car parking facilities and marking for sections varying between 6 and  20m wide;
  • The construction of ~ 13.5 km ductile iron water supply network, diameters varying between 100 and 350 mm, including all appurtenances, house connections and  connections to existing surrounding networks;
  • The construction of ~ 7.5 km stormwater drainage network, diameters varying between 200 and 1200 mm of specified pipe types with all appurtenances and     road drainage structures including the connections to surrounding networks;
  • The construction of ~ 12 Km sewer networks, diameters varying between 200 and 600 mm including all appurtenances structures, connections to existing houses and surrounding networks;
  • The construction and reinforcing of the existing electricity network, as well as the street lighting network in order to comply with the actual requirements of the area including  all appurtenant structures and connections;
  • The construction and reinforcing of the existing telephone network to satisfy the actual needs of the area;
  • The connections to buildings water, sewer and storm.

Services Undertaken include:

  • Review the detailed construction drawings;
  • Ensure that all documentation for land expropriation has been processed;
  • Ensure that the Contractor protects antiquities affected by construction works;
  • Prepare, monitor and maintain cost estimates and planning schedules;
  • Progress monitoring and reporting;
  • Co-ordinate Contractors;
  • Manage claims and variations;
  • Certify Contractor’s payment certificates;
  • Ensure that as-built drawings are prepared and operation & maintenance  manuals reviewed & updated;
  • Administer the construction contract;
  • Supervise the construction works;
  • Supervise rectification of defects during the Defects Liability Period;
  • Certify final completion of the Contract.