Stage 1:

  • Carrying out detailed site inspection to confirm the nature of the systems and confirm the cause of the problems
  • Provide reports identifying the design failures of the existing AC system, and whether the current systems are working in accordance with the intended design.
  • Propose 3 alternative method for providing Air Conditioning
  • Produce Cost Estimates for the proposed methods.
  • Provide a comparison of the three proposed methods.

Stage 2:

  • Provide detailed proposal for the chosen alternative method of providing AC with closer temperature controlling each area served by the system. Including cooling load calculations, design intent air flow rates, number of air changes per hour.
  • Provide details of any Energy Savings initiatives that can be achieved through shading passive detectors time clock set.
  • Produce a Scope of work (including budget costs) for the removal of the existing system replacement with the proposed new AC. including any associated works
  • Produce a detailed Specification that can be used on all similar AHU replacements including compliance with AD regulations
  • Produce a tender documents pack including any necessary Sketch Drawings and specification for the proposed works.
  • Provide options of passive solar design to reduce heat loads on the existing building and reduce the impact of solar gain.
  • Produce builders work drawing associate with the mechanical works proposed, detailing critical junctions and associated elements of the building fabric
  • Produce a Bill of Quantities for the proposed works to form part of the tender package.
  • Attend the testing and commissioning and handing over of the project

Services Undertaken Include Structural and MEP Design