Lot Number: 1

Akkar - Parcours Vert – Bleu

  • The Construction of Camping site in Tachea village
  • The construction of Water source for El Ouyoun village, El Bori village, Ilat village, Tekrit village (Ain Arous & Ain Aamass), Akkar el Attika (Ain Taba), Bazbina village (Chak Chkik source)
  • The construction of Tourist information centre for Beit Mellat village
  • The rehabilitation of the road leading to the source of Wadi al Deir, the completion of the forest fence and the construction and installation of water tank and fire observation tower.
  • The construction Jibrayel, Aayat, Mmneh and Ain Yacoub villages, Water tanks & Fire observation towers: observation tower and a water tank in each town for firefighting purposes.
  • The construction of a park at "Ain Amass" site.
  • Rahbeh village: water mill & road one water mill, the cleaning of the water channels of Nabeh al Rayhan and the rehabilitation of 1 Km of the road leading to the old caves of the village.

Circuit touristique – Zgharta

  • The construction of one touristic office center close to St. Georges Church in Ardeh village, The development of a local services unit in wood for camping site (40 m²) in the reserve of Ehden and One touristic information centre (87m²) & reception unit (175m²) in wood at the entrance of the Ehden reserve. The development of a pedestrian trail starting from 8th. Michel Church to Sereel village. The development of religious trail in all the villages (22 villages) of the Cluster which includes only the installation of information and direction panels.

Lot Number: 2

Iklim el Tuffah - Tourism & Archeology

  • The rehabilitation of the old olive-oil press in Sarba. The construction of eco-lodges in Arabsalim village (10 units) It is proposed to construct 10 eco-lodges composed of: five units with an area of 49 m² each and five units with an area of 70 m² each, One Administrative building (126 m²), One restaurant (260 m²)

Lot Number: 3

Sahl - Circuit de tourisme rural et patrimonial

  • The construction of a tourist information centre in Ammiq village, pick-nick and camping site in Aana village, visitor centre in the archaeological site of Kamed El Laouz village.The development of a hiking trail from Ammiq to Aana village. The rehabilitation of the public square in Mansoura village. The renovation of part of 3 public markets (souk) in Ghazze, Marj and Sawiri village.The rehabilitation of the tourist facility centre in Manara and the development of three hiking trails The rehabilitation of a municipal park and reception area in Haouch El Harimeh village.The construction of traditional rural eco-lodge (soil) in the Municipal Park in Sultan Yacoub village.
  • The development of a cycling track linking most of the villages of the cluster (14 Villages) including the installation of information and direction panels.
  • The development of communication and marketing materials: (design and printing of touristic maps and brochures).

Kesrwan - La vie a l'ancienne

  • The restoration of 5 old houses, one mill in Kleyat village (Wadi El Salib) and one bridge. The restoration of an old house in Rayfoun and transform it into an "Information Touristic Center" with an area of 225 m². The development of the pedestrian trail in Wadi el Salib at the Daraya entrance of the project and the Daroun valley going to Achkout, Ajaltoun, Shayleh, Ayn el Rihane and Daroun.

Haut Metn - Circuit touristique du patrimoine culturel et naturel

  • The development of a touristic scenic drive covering the entire region of Haut Metn. The development of a 3 km walking trail with reception centre, several relaxation areas along the trail, direction panels and warning signs. Rehabilitation of Public Squares in Arsoun, Kfarslwan and Salima villages.

Lot Number: 4

Aley -The construction of a rural park and a local development office

  • The construction of a rural park which includes the development of a main walkway walking path and stairs, a tree nursery, rehabilitation of an historical well and parking area, one local development office in Aley with an area of 200m²

Lot Number: 5

Chouf Sweyjani - Les circuits du patrimoine et des retrouvailles,

  • The renovation of Baakline public market, Rehabilitation of public squares in Semquanieh, Ain Ouzain, Kahlounieh, Atrine, Ainbal and Baakline and the renovation of their fountain. The development of a touristic scenic drive covering the entire region of Chouf Sweyjani. The construction of a touristic information center and "ecomuseum” in Baakline forest.

Haut Chouf, Plus Haut .... Autrement,

  • The project consists of the construction of three eco-loges in Baadarane (160 m²) Maaser (270 m²) and Khreibi village (180 m²) 

Services Undertaken include Supervise all works and activities on-site during all the implementation phases of the project and ensuring that all tasks are carried out properly.