Beit Ed Dine Historical palace is a master piece of the ottoman monumental architecture of the 19th century; the values of this monument are strong enough to raise it at a national level of importance. Different campaigns of restoration have been done since this monument was classified as national heritage in 1934. The historical palace of Beit Ed Dine suffered mainly from a lack of maintenance. The actual museums and presentation areas needs a rehabilitation along modernization projects. The Conservation project covers the entire complex of historical buildings.

Services Undertaken include The Conservation project covers the entire complex of historical buildings and is divided mainly in two phases described as follows: the first one consists in the design and tendering procedure and the second one is the supervision of the works. Our scope includes the following :

Phase I: Design and Tendering

  • Review of DGA existing survey
  • Finalization of surveys & documentation
  • Assessment of problems
  • Preparation of PDR report
  • Preparation of Final Design report
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Preparation of a fair cost estimate
  • Assisting the Client in the tendering process

Phase II : Supervision

  • Prepare, monitor and maintain cost estimates and planning schedules
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Co-ordinate contractor
  • Manage claims and variations
  • Certify contractor’s payments
  • Ensure that as-built details, and operation and maintenance manuals, are prepared
  • Fulfill the role of Engineer within the specified guidelines and administer the construction contracts
  • Supervise the construction works
  • Supervise rectification of defects during defects liability period
  • Certify final completion of the contract