The archaeological site of Deir El Qalaa revealing through this project, some interesting and unique elements for the roman and most of all for the Byzantine period. The overall approach, based on minimum interventions on the archaeology, is dealing with the necessary requirements of site management and international standards of conservation and restoration.

Services Undertaken include:

The project is divided into 2 phases. The first one consists in the tendering procedure after a general revision and the second one in the supervision of the works. The provision of technical support for review tenders documents and supervisory services to fulfill the role of Engineer, to administer the construction, conservation and restoration contract, addenda and additions that might be issued by the Client, and to supervise the works to be performed, carrying out such duties and responsibilities as are described in this contract. The objective will be to ensure that the works are carried out to a high standard of workmanship and materials, as scheduled and within budget, in accordance with the specifications and drawings of the contract, to acceptable international environmental standards and in accordance with the Employer’s requirements.

The scope of the Works of the Project includes:

Phase I: Tendering

  • Review of DGA tender documents
  • Updating of tender documents according to DGA requirements
  • Finalizing tender documents and in particular volume 1 according to CDR template
  • Updating fair price estimate.
  • Repackaging according to  funds available and delivering preparation files
  • Assist the Client in the bidding process

Phase II: Supervision

  • Prepare, monitor and maintain cost estimates and planning schedules
  • Co-ordinate contractor
  • Manage claims and variations
  • Ensure that as-built details, and operation and maintenance manuals, are prepared
  • Fulfil the role of Engineer within the specified guidelines and administer the construction contracts
  • Supervise the construction works & defects during defects liability period