This project aims:

  • To produce a good example of historical site management and historic site enhancement. When successfully implemented this project could demonstrate a good example of international standards site presentation and management as well as a model of sustainable tourism development and heritage preservation projects.
  • To maximize through this project the desired comfort level at the site for local and international visitors, thus, achieving increased cultural tourism flow and increased related local employment.
  • To ensure a proper and professional implementation of the Design and Build contract in accordance with its administrative and technical dossier. The Supervision Team would review the design to ensure that all elements of the design would reflect the importance of the site and preserve its historical integrity which should in turn, increase the level of comfort and efficiency without jeopardizing the carrying capacity of the site.
  • To ensure the implementation of the Design and the Works according to best standards, in a timely manner and within the contracted budget through an experienced Supervision Team.

Services Undertaken include:

  • Review of bid documents and other relevant documentation, urban studies, etc.
  • Tender review and award
  • Identification and protection of antiquities
  • Review and complete the urban and infrastructure designs and drawings.
  • Supervision of Works
  • Environmental mitigation measures
  • Socio-economic mitigation measures
  • Cost Control