The project consists of a 1,000,000 m² plot including approximately 1,200 residential units and buildings with associated amenities (shopping center, schools , casino, mosque, etc).

Design of infrastructure works for about 20 Km of roads.

Work is subdivided into 4 stages:

  • STAGE 1: Program Development and Review
  • STAGE 2: Preliminary Master Plan
  • STAGE 3: Detailed Design and Tender Documents
  • STAGE 4: Tendering

Services include:

  • Visual Survey: detailed reconnaissance of the project location
  • Data Collection: collection of a comprehensive and workable database
  • Topographic Survey: study and checking of the topographic survey
  • Master Plan Development: study of the land use development, carrying out of environmental studies to identify areas of environmental interest, implementation of access roads, utilities and utility buildings.
  • Design of Roads Networks, Storm Drainage System, Electrical Systems, Water Supply Systems, Irrigation and Fire Fighting networks, Sewerage and Design of Utility Buildings
  • Geotechnical Investigation: interpretation of results of the geo-technical investigation to establish necessary soil and subsoil information
  • Detailed Design Drawings: preparation of comprehensive package of detailed design drawings
  • Tender Documents: preparation of the tender document required for the infrastructure development
  • Preparation of Performance Specifications for a Waste Water treatment Plant and evaluation of tenders including recommendation of award)