LITTORAL NORD PROJECT - Nahr Beirut to Nahr El-Kalb - Lebanon

This Project involves the reclamation of 4.3 Million m² of land (principally by dredging of sand from the sea) in a densely populated stretch of coast line from Nahr Beirut to Nahr El-Kalb.

Part of this project was completed (between Antelias and Dbayeh) and includes:

  • Construction of 3.3 km of Breakwater
  • Reclamation of 1 Million m² of Land
  • Construction of a Marina 350m long and 275m wide for 800 Yachts including a Swimming Pool 100m long and 25m wide and associated cabins and lockers
  • Construction of 16 km of roads including all associated networks (Wastewater, Surface Water Drainage, Electricity MV and LV, Telecommunications, Sidewalks, Street Lighting, Traffic Signalling)

Services undertaken include Review of Feasibility Studies, Review and Checking of all Designs, Project Control and Construction Supervision.