LOTISSEMENT A KFERTAY - PLOT NO.296 - Keserwan, Lebanon

  • Parcelation of the plot No.296 situated at Kfertay in Lebanon at 1675 m altitude into 18 parcels, 3 gardens, and a road network with its infrastructure totaling an area of 102000m² .
  • Landscaping study with preservation of existing rocks
  • The supervision covering the technical supervision for the execution of road networks with its infrastructure

The parcelation study : Preparation of detailed feasibility study, detailed designs, tender documents, and cost estimates with execution drawings including the permit of DGU. Works included the Water distribution system, sewer network, Electrical and lighting networks. Detailed survey of the area was undertaken to locate the existing rocks and to preserve them. Brief includes the setting up of the various schemes allowing priorities to be defined and subdividing bid documents to match available budgets followed by construction supervision.