The project consists of the reconstruction of the entire camp of Nahr El-Bared Camp including, residential (4591 apartments) and non-residential buildings (around 1605 units 1193 mixed residential and non-residential such as housing units with shops and 412 non-residential units), landscaping, sea front, water supply networks (and associated works such as water reservoirs, water boreholes, pumping facilities, etc...), wastewater networks (and associated works such as sewerage pumping stations, sea outfalls, connection to main trunk line from Tripoli WWTP, etc ...), storm water network, electric network, telephone ducts, roads, sidewalks, internal paved areas, commercial shops, markets, infrastructure, institutions, schools, community centers, UNRWA and NGOs compounds, etc…) destroyed after the military actions in 2007.

  • All building designs, detailed drawings and Tender Document for architectural, structural and MEP works for the whole camp prepared in 10 packages; 8 of these packages shall cover designs for the mixed use areas – “residential and nonresidential areas” and 2 packages shall cover the designs for “purely nonresidential areas”
  • All necessary infrastructure design and drawings Tender Document to serve each package including the wastewater network, storm water network, water supply network, roads, sidewalks, and associated overall services that allow this infrastructure to serve the respective package such as main lines, sewerage pumping stations, sea outfall, sea front, landscaping connection to main trunk line from Tripoli WWTP, water tanks, boreholes, electrical networks including power stations, street lighting
  • Supervision / Project Management of the above