The JABAL OMAR Development Project is situated on 230,000 m² of land west of the great mosque (Al Haram) of Mecca. The aim of the Project is to propose firstclass facilities and services for visitors and pilgrims of Mecca. The Mussallah is a prayer building of 150,000 m² designed to accommodate around 75,000 persons.

The building is considered as a high rise building approximately 50 m high composed by the following major components:

  • Mussallah for 75,000 pilgrims and its related facilities (ablutions…)
  • Clinic
  • Fire Station
  • Parking for 600 car parks

Services includes:

  • 2009 ‐ Schematic Design for the structure of the Mussallah Building, and Concept Design for the structure of the rest of the area and for all the MEPs
  • 2012 ‐ Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation for Architectural, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Building Control System, Fire Protection/Life Safety , Audio Visual, Information Technology, Acoustics, Security System, Conveying System Facade Engineer, Façade Cleaning & Maintenance System, Parking including Parking Management System, Landscape, Exterior/Facade Lighting, Interior Design, Interior Lighting Design , Graphic, Signage and Way Finding, Value Engineering