Supervision of Construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant with the following process: screening, grit removal, primary settling, aeration, nitrification, denitrification, secondary settling, phosphorous removal, filtration, UV desinfection and belt press sludge treatment. Laying 12km of primary sewage collectors in different places of Zahle suburbs.

Services Undertaken include

  • Review of contractors detailed Construction Drawings and Process.
  • Ensure that the contractor protects Antiquities affected by the Construction Works.
  • Prepare, monitor and maintain cost estimates and planning schedules.
  • Coordinate contractors work.
  • Manage claims and variations.
  • Certify contractor’s payments.
  • Ensure that as‐built and operation and maintenance manual are prepared.
  • Fulfill the role of Engineer within the specified guidelines and administer the construction contracts.
  • Supervise the construction works.
  • Supervise rectification of defects during defects liability period.
  • Supervise the Operation and Maintenance contract.
  • Certify Final Completion of the contract.