RESTORATION OF QUAY 4 AND CORNER OF QUAYS 4 – 5 - Port of Beirut, Lebanon

This project consists in the rehabilitation of the quays 4 – 5 corners located in the port of Beirut.

Services Undertaken include:

  • Survey for Quay Condition

               - Existing position of the “Caissons”:

               - Displacements

               - Settlement of the Quay behind the “Caissons”

  • Survey for Sea Bottom near the “Caissons”

  • Work executed:

              - Preparation of Tender Documents

              - Cleaning of area to repair

              - Repairing of the Joints between “Caissons”

              - Repairing of the Concrete Slab above and behind the Caissons”

              - Cleaning of Sea Bottom from dangerous materials

              - Rehabilitation of shocking area