The works are related to Beirut Central District Marine Works – Package 3 – Main Civil Works. These works included the Western Breakwater, the Western Marina Quays, the Submerged Reef and the Sea Defense Caissons.

Services undertaken include:

Production of Setting out Plans, Reinforced Concrete Shop Drawings and Bar Bending Schedules for the Detailed Design Phase for the Western Breakwater, Seaward Walls, Landward Walls, Stairs Walkways and Fence, New Entrance to Marina, Western Marina Quay Blocks, Precast Beams and Piles. Production of Formwork Detailed Drawings for the Sea Defence Caissons. Detailed Design and Steel Works Shop Drawings for the Modification Works of the Site Steel “Portique de Manutention”. Evaluation of Fill Quantities for the Submerged Reef and Western Breakwater.