The project consists of a resort island of a total surface of about 20,000,000 m². Total developed area approximately 3,400,000 m² (Built-up Area) with 3 marinas of approximate capacity of 1,000 boats.

The Services include Marine and Costal study including:

  • Planning and design of marinas and boat harbours;
  • Assessment of most appropriate and feasible location and size of the marinas;
  • Assessment of the costal stability around the island shoreline;
  • Planning the break water and protection systems;
  • Storm risk assessment and protection;
  • Wave protection structures;
  • Concept design of marina facilities and boating facilities;
  • Analysis of wave climates and storm effects;
  • Assessment of existing jetties on the island and on the main land Abu Dhabi;
  • Water circulation and quality;
  • Consideration to environmental factors;
  • Dredging and reclamation works;
  • Concept planning for the ferry terminal at island and main land Abu Dhabi with key; sections and berthing layout for regular ferry services, and mooring facilities for larger; motor yachts, luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts;
  • Estimate the number of boats anticipated based on the master plan and population;
  • Assessment of the existing barrier islands and protection system; Beach concept and shore protection works;
  • Study mangrove area and concept plan for boardwalk;
  • Plan water sports and recommend appropriate locations;
  • Plan potential mooring facilities around the island;
  • Plan access of private boat to the private mooring;
  • Collection of relevant data: Wind data, tide data, current data, water levels; Bathymetric survey.