PLATINUM TOWER – MARINE WORKS - Beirut Central District, Lebanon

The project consists of a Luxury Residence Building comprising a 150m highrise tower to be built on a prime location along the sea front in Beirut Central District, allowing direct access to the BCD Marina.

Services undertaken include:

Project Control and Construction Supervision of Enabling Works (including retention of the Beirut Central District Corniche and Sea Front as well as an adjacent building Officers Club-Monroe Hotel). Including the following works

  • Supervision of Construction Works.
  • Secant Pile Wall (Ø 880 mm) to retain adjacent roads and buildings (Monroe Hotel) and to prevent ingress of Water
  • Anchoring Works,
  • Excavation Works down to levels -11.5 MSL and - 9.5 MSL
  • Grout Plug installation at levels -30 MSL and - 21 MSL