The Development of Agricultural infrastructure in the Akkar Region Project consists of the construction and rehabilitation of agricultural roads and of hydraulic infrastructure works in several villages of North Lebanon. The villages in this project are divided into different lots. Lot 5 includes the villages of Akroum, Kfartoun, Berkayel, Hmaira, Andqet, Akkar El Atika and Fnaideq. The extent of the works includes the construction and completion of the following main elements:

  • Construction of Road works including all necessary earthworks, aggregate subbase base and base courses, flexible paving and reinforced concrete box culverts at road crossing in the following villages:

  • Akkar El Atika:

1. Al Halah – Nabaa el Chouh el Wati (1263m)

2. Kou Tlayje (including Branch) (1067m)

3. Haffe – El Jisr “El Knisse ‐ Hakel el Hommos” (186m)

4. Haffe – El Jisr “Basatine Bahri – Haidar” (382m)

5. Sikr el Joz (303m)

6. Adib el Kameh – Wadi el Aswad (1590m)

7. Baidar el Jahch – AinMar Keilo (2299m)

8. Basatine Beit Al Chaar (278m)

9. Al Rakwe (632m)

10. Al Mamlaha – El Gharbieh (1002m)

  • Fnaideq:

1. El Nsoub – Al Isaba (2873m)

2. Bayada – Hawche – Swayde (346m)

  • Andqet:

1. Wadi el Ghar (215m)

2. Sahlet Korbat (1150m)

3. Dahr el Msalbé (1539m)

4. Al Ain (424m)

  • Berkayel:

1. Al Ouyoun (394m)

2. Jabal al Zayd Melhem (605m)

  • Kfartoun:

1. Wata el Sheikh – Kasayer (Design: 300m)

2. Wata el Sheikh – Chaab (Design: 500m)

  • Akroum:

1. Sawmaa al Maasara (Design: 900m)

2. Wata El Sahleh (2200m)

3. El Nir (Design: 1780m)

  • Hmaira:

1. Al Aafssa ‐ Al Tayara (367m)

2. Al Aafssa ‐ Al Mouheb (981m)

3. El Zawarib (1042m)

  • Construction of new Reinforced Concrete Irrigation Channels and rehabilitation of existing Reinforced Concrete Irrigation Channels including all necessary trenching, sluice gates for all lateral branches, reinforced concrete box culverts at road crossing in the following villages:

  • Akkar El Atika:

1. El Knisseh (354m)

2. Ain el Safsafeh (108m)

3.  Al Halah – Nabaa el Chouh el Wati (875m)

4. Daher Bahri Charki (363m)

5. El Gharbiyé – el Haffé (246m)

6. Nabaa el Joz (1070m)

7. Ain el Dik – Wadi el Aswad (400m)

8. Branche Nabaa Chouh – Ard el Zein (454m)

9. Ain Chahmine (including Branch) (601m)

10. Ain el Dik (467m)

11. El Knisse ‐ Hakel el Hommos (276m)

12. Kou Tlayje (275m)

  • Construction of Irrigation Water Lines including all necessary trenching, reinforced concrete encasement and thrust blocks, gate and air release valves assemblies, reinforced concrete valve chambers, pressure breaker tank and water collector, in the following villages:

  • Fnaideq:

1. Fnaideq Irrigation Water Line Φ 250 mm (2610m)

2. Fnaideq Irrigation Water Line Φ 90 mm (590m)

  • Construction of the “Concrete and Associated Works” related to "Fnaideq Solid Waste Sorting & Composting Plant" project. The plant has a treatment capacity of 15 tons per day of municipal solid waste, and comprises a steel hangar of 1450 m² (excluding administrative and workers facility areas) constructed over a 2750 m² land. The works cover the site preparation including all necessary site cleaning, earthworks and sub‐drainage related works, and the concrete works including the blinding, foundations, tie beams, columns, slab on grade with all necessary expansion joints, and power floating surfaces of the slab on grade.

Services Undertaken include:

  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed designs and drawings
  • Preparation of complete Tender documents and BOQ for Agriculture Road and Irrigation Networks in Akkar region, Sorting and Composting Plant and Fnaideq Irrigation Project (Water Project)
  • Assist the Client in the offers evaluation
  • Supervision of construction works