The Saida Coastal Area Wastewater Project serves the city of Saida, its suburbs and nearby towns and villages. All wastewater flows will be collected to a single wastewater treatment plant and the effluent will be discharged to the sea through a long outfall. The first stage of the project comprises:

  • 50km of local collection sewer system
  • 6.8km of main interceptor sewer up to 1200mm diameter
  • 4 main pumping stations and 7 local pumping stations
  • Preliminary sewage treatment plant comprising screening, grit removal and pumping stations
  • Sea outfall 2km long, 900mm diameter

Project financed by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) successor of Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF).

Services Undertaken include:

Review and Adaptation of Feasibility Studies, Preparation of Documentation for Land Acquisition, Preparation of Detailed Designs and Contract Documents including all Topographical Surveys, Soil Investigation, Marine Survey, Mathematical Modeling for the Outfall, Setting out of Environmental Criteria and Preparation of an Environmental Monitoring Plan to World Bank Operational Directive (OD 4.01) and all Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Design Services and Cost Estimates.