The project area encompasses some 44 localities with a population of 203,000 capita (year 2005) and a projected future population of 334,690 capita in the year 2030.

The objective of the project is to supply the project area with potable water from the following sources: Chamsine Spring, Aabed Spring and thirteen wells.

The project works consist of five components:

  • Water production works (springs and wells);
  • Water storage works (reservoirs);
  • Water transmission works (transmission pipe works);
  • Pumping stations;
  • Water distribution systems (distribution pipe works).

Services Undertaken include:

  • Review the feasibility study
  • Carry out investigations and data collections as necessary to obtain information required for updating the detailed design including the coordination with the Bekaa Water Authority;
  • Carry out the topographic surveys needed for the design of the new water distribution lines, transmission lines, reservoirs, pumping stations water wells sites, etc;
  • Preparation of detailed engineering designs for the new water distribution lines with their related service and house connections, transmission lines, reservoirs, water wells, pumping stations, catchment works;
  • Updating of tender documents, technical specifications, bills of quantities and costs estimates;
  • Preparation of draft final design reports;
  • Preparation of final design reports;
  • Tender review and award.