ASSESSMENT OF NAAS SPRING WATER - Bekfaya, El Metn Caza, Lebanon

Naas Spring Water has been known and used for years by the local residents of El Metn Caza. In 1933 “FAWAR” Water Company was granted the first license in the Middle East to produce and bottle one of the finest mineral waters in the region captured from Naas Spring. In 1973, the project restarted and a new company was established under the name of “Naas Bekfaya Mineral Water Company which stopped operating in 1983 due to the Civil War and since that time has been abandoned. Currently, a touristic resort project is intended to be constructed and will comprise the site of the factory and various parcels in its vicinity. It is planned to use the water resources of the Naas Spring area (including Naas Spring and existing wells). The intended project will be constructed on 48,051 m2 in Naas area in the town of Bekfaya. The touristic resort, consisting of a hotel, a wellness center, and residential villas.

Services Undertaken included

The purpose of the Study is to assess the existing baseline conditions of the Naas Spring and the existing wells in terms of site setting, meteorological conditions, geology, and land use which are crucial to provide the relevant information regarding water quality, water flow, hydro-geological conditions, as well as the potential groundwater yield. Baseline information was acquired via on site visits to the Spring and its surrounding areas. Water sampling was carried out, water samples were analyzed in certified laboratories, and analysis results were interpreted. Accordingly, recommendations for the possible usage of the Naas Water Spring and groundwater were suggested.