Main Sewer Collectors and related Collection Systems within Al Ghadir Wastewater Project

The project consists of Wastewater Collection System having sufficient capacity to meet the wastewater flows of the project area, in addition to rehabilitation of El Ghadir river bank and all necessary works needed to separate the storm water flow from the sewage directly dumped into the said river. The project covers the following components:

  • Aley‐Wadi Chahrour Collector ‐ Diameter: 300‐500mm / length 8.0km
  • Aramoun‐Khaldeh Collector – Diameter:400mm/ length: 5.8km
  • Bayssour‐Aramoun Collector – Diameter:250mm/ length: 4.5km
  • Deir Quoubil‐Airport Collector ‐ Diameter: 300mm / length: 6.0km
  • Bayssour‐Aytate‐Ayn Aaanoub Collector ‐ Diameter: 200/250/300/400mm / length: 9.2km
  • Aaramoun Basic Collector Coastal Interceptor ‐ Diameter: 400/500mm / length: 7.0km
  • Aytate – Ayn Aanoub ‐ Diameter: 300mm / length: 3.5km
  • Sarhmoul Bshamoun Collector ‐ Diameter: 250mm/ length:4.9km
  • Bdeboun Collector ‐ Diameter: 400mm / length: 3.2km

Construction of Main Sewer Collectors and related Collection Systems within Al Ghadir Wastewater Project:

Phase 1: Detailed Design and Tender Documents

  • Collect Previous Studies associated with the detailed design of wastewater networks in the region
  • Collect Target Group Analysis / Overview and data collection, detailed reconnaissance and survey, evaluation of existing situation
  • Drafting of the Preliminary report
  • Propose an implementation programme
  • Propose design criteria / Detailed final designs
  • Preparation of Tender Documents / Planning and Project Management
  • Assistance to the Client in Tendering & Contracts Award Process

Phase 2: Supervision of the Construction Contract

  • Ensure that all documentation for land expropriation has been processed
  • Prepare and finalize, the construction permits for pumping station from concerned authorities
  • Ensure that the contractor protects antiquities affected by construction works prepare, monitor and maintain cost estimate and planning schedules 
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Coordinate contractor / Manage claims and variations
  • Certify contractor’s payments
  • Ensure that as‐built details, and operation and maintenance manuals, are prepared
  • Fulfill the role of Engineer within the specified guidelines and administer the construction contracts
  • Determine the additional or reduced cost of the construction contract, including the submittal of all particulars and supporting documents as appropriate
  • Supervise the construction works
  • Supervise rectification of defects during defects liability period
  • Certify final completion of the contract