Based on the Council of Ministers Decision No 46 (dated November 30, 2014) and No 1 (dated January 12, 2015) the CDR, acting on behalf of the Republic of Lebanon, was assigned to prepare and launch Tender Documents on the Pubic Cleaning, Collection, Treatment and Disposal Services of Municipal Solid Waste in Lebanon, in response to the Government’s Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan in the country.

Six (6) Tender Documents were prepared for 6 independent Service Lots distributed over the Lebanese territory as follows:

  • Lot 1: District of Beirut and its Suburbs: Ghobeiry, Chiah – Ain El Remmaneh, Bourj El Brajneh, Haret Hreik, Furn El Chebbak, El Mreijeh, Hadat, Bourj Hammoud, Sin El Fil and the neighborhoods of Hai El Sollom and Amrousieh and Lailaki located in Choueifat Municipality (1550 Tons/Day)
  • Lot 2: Jbeil Caza and Kesrouan Caza, and Metn Caza except for the municipalities included in Lot 1 (1050 Tons/Day)
  • Lot 3: Chouf Caza and, Aaley Caza and Baabda Caza except for the municipalities and neighborhoods included in Lot 1 (655 Tons/Day)
  • Lot 4: North Lebanon Mohafaza and Akkar Mohafaza (as further specified in this RFP) (1250 Tons/Day)
  • Lot 5: South Lebanon Mohafaza and Nabatieh Mohafaza (as further specified in this RFP) (1100 Tons/Day)
  • Lot 6: Bekaa Mohafaza and Baalbeck‐Hermel Mohafaza (as further specified in this RFP) (950 Tons/Day)

Tenders were prepared to the provision of Solid waste Collection and Disposal services in their respective Lots. The Collection services will consist of public cleaning and the collection and transfer of solid waste. The Disposal services will include the construction of new treatment and disposal facilities and/or upgrading and integration of existing MSW Disposal Facilities handed over by currently operating service providers.

Qualified Bidders (independent or as Joint Ventures) have been invited by the CDR to participate in the Bid.

Services Undertaken Include the preparation of the:

  • Instructions to Bidders providing the general technical requirements for the MSW Collection and Disposal Services; Implementation Schedule; Legal Contractual Legal, and Commercial Information; Proposal Preparation requirements and guidelines; and the Selection of Proposals and Agreement Award Procedure.
  • Bid Forms associated with the Tender Documents.
  • MSW Collection and Disposal Service Agreement which comprises of the: 1) Conditions of Contract and 2) Specifications of Services – Collection Services and Disposal Services.
  • Project Information Memorandum which comprises of four (4) Volumes addressing: General Information on the MSW Collection and Disposal Plan; Specific information on each Service Lot; a description of Acceptable MSW Treatment Technologies and Processes; relevant Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines; and the Data Room Index.