Al Reef Development Project will include Residential Villa, Apartments and Housing Community . The site is approx. 180 ha

Services undertaken include:

The assessment of Existing services and the design for the development divided into 4 main stages ‐ Data Collection and Development of Concept Options, concept master plan, final master plan and Tendering

The scope cover the following:

  • Urban design;
  • Building / Villa types
  • Community facilities and amenities;
  • Energy efficiency, natural and actual conditions; sustainability strategy
  • Road circulation network, access and parking areas (localized and centralized), public transport hub locations, pedestrian and bicycle pathways, exit and entry points, typical road and street sections, road rights‐of way and road hierarchy in terms of rank, type and width.
  • Landscape concept of open and green spaces, horticulture, streetscapes, hierarchy of spaces; street furniture features, shaded areas, open spaces, parks.
  • Utilities buildings and service corridors
  • Parking requirements;
  • Road and utility tie‐ins at plots;
  • Retaining wall structures;
  • Earthworks, soil improvement and enabling works