CENTER OF EMERGENCIES - Beirut Southern Suburb, Lebanon

Project consists of the Construction of an Emergency in Southern Suburbs and includes the following:

Block A: Concrete Structure (Emergencies Department)

a) Basement (1500 sqm):

  • Vehicle bay connected to the two main roads and block B
  • Stair 1, access to Block A

b) Ground Floor (344 sqm):

  • Parking area for 7 ambulances
  • Pedestrian access to block A and Block B

c) First Floor (344 sqm):

  • Dorms and living area for 32 staff divided into two shifts

d) Third Floor (344 sqm):

  • Optional and will be designed at a later stage for future extension

Block B: Steel Structure (Fire Department)

a) Ground Floor (1500 sqm & 6m high):

  • Vehicle Bay for 14 Fire Engines
  • Vehicle Access to both main roads and to basement block A
  • Stair 2: Access for administration department of fire station
  • Stair 3: Access for fire Firefighters of fire station

b) Mezzanine Floor (265 sqm):

  • For Vehicle bay Services

c) First Floor (1500 sqm)

  • Administrative Department
  • Fire Department for 70 firefighters divided into two shifts
  • Pedestrian access from Old Airport Road.

d) Second Floor (195 sqm)

  • Station Chief Area
  • Bridge for connection between Station Chief and the Emergency Center in Block A.

Services undertaken include:
Concept, schematic and Detailed Design for Architectural, Structural, Civil and MEP works followed by Tender Documents, BOQ for all trades. Services include Supervision on the Construction Works