Advisory Professional Services in Plantation to the Trees in Beirut Central District - Lebanon

In the context of the reconstruction of Beirut Central District carried out by SOLIDERE since 10 years, the effort undertaken in planting alignment trees contributed to the success of the city’s urban environment. Unfortunately, at a closer view, many of these plants and trees require special care or even replacement.

The present report prepared at the request of SOLIDERE describes the actual situation of trees in Beirut Central District, the prospect of their development and initiates advices and recommendations in the context of establishing a performance management system of the planted heritage.

PART A: Phase 1: "Diagnostic” ‐ Phase 2: "Synthesis Report“. The study represents an outline for the special and technical
comprehension of the trees in the Central District with: 

  • Some basic concepts « Rappels Dendrologiques »
  • A detailed Analysis for the actual situation: the actually installed trees, an aperçu for each road of all the aligned trees of the central district, ‐ to finally initiate a dynamic vision for the future of these alignments and new varieties to be adopted.

PART B: Training for tree pruning for the SOLIDERE staff in charge of this work.